My name is Adam Nathan Fleury and I am a Steel Mace Flow Coach. My mace journey began in October of 2017 when I found several Onnit mace at my local gym. I started like many misinformed males with a steep history in fitness and grabbed the heaviest mace I found (a twenty-five pound mace). With this mace I learned my first lesson in mace training, collision. Of course this only fueled the fire burning within me after I wielded that mace. I had to know how to progress with this fascinating weapon turned health instrument!


With this new found knowledge that the mace exists I turned to the internet for visual resources. I found the Onnit Academy’s workouts, and didn’t hesitate to slam these mace on tires frequently. I incorporated basic two-hand mace movements into my functional workouts for several months before I began to bore with this as well. It was around the turn of the year in 2017/18 that I discovered Leo Savage on Youtube. My life and practice with the mace changed overnight. I saw this man Leo moving brilliantly and beautifully with his mace. The growth ceiling that I saw on my work with the mace evaporated instantaneously!


Shortly after I created an Instagram account for myself, and I did not hesitate to connect with Leo. I made it my mission to approach this man and learn everything I could learn about the mace. I started reverse-engineering his flows I witnessed on video. Obsessed with understanding the steel mace, I would practice these moves for hours a day. This was only one side of the equation however. Watching Leo express himself in movement was powerful, but seeing his vulnerability through his live videos opened the door for me. I was raised in a world where self expression and emotions were suppressed, and here was my mace idol expressing himself however he saw fit and encouraging others towards freedom.


Powered by my own intensity, with support from Leo and the love and compassion of the Steel Mace Flow community, I practiced endlessly over the course of 2018. Then there was an announcement that Leo Savage was hosting his first-ever online mentorship program for the entire month of November, 2018. I did not hesitate to jump onboard. That course changed my life! The mace and movement education alone was transformative, but it was the healing power of Steel Mace Flow that was on full display. My mace practice evolved rapidly after that certification course. I practice these techniques not only in movement but in mindset that Leo and Serena bestowed upon me every single day. I often say, “movement saved my life, but Steel Mace Flow saved my soul.” Steel Mace Flow gave me structure in my mace practice, then the system gave me the freedom to find the edges of my own potential. 


Now, I am still evolving my Steel Mace Flow game. Connected to the ever-growing tribe of Steel Mace Flow Coaches and artists, with an overwhelming amount of knowledge and inspiration at my fingertips, there really is no limit to the future of our practice! Inspire to create. Educate to heal. Put mace in hands!