I first discovered the steel mace in September of 2017. Soon before that I was at a very low point in my life. I was recovering from shoulder surgery due to a car accident, dealing with the stress of a failing/failed marriage, overworking at the office to avoid confrontations at home, 50lbs overweight and just unsure of my next step in life. 


I’ve had a relationship with health and fitness most of my life, but it has had its ups and downs due to multiple shoulder injuries/surgeries and chronic back problems. Searching for a distraction, a way to heal my body and an alternative way to workout, I stumbled across the steel mace. I started with a 10lb mace as the Onnit site suggested and I was immediately humbled. Starting off with 360s, switch squats and lunges, I gradually started to become obsessed, soon investing in the full collection of Onnit maces, following along with youtube videos and then eventually found Leo Urquides. I was inspired and my mace game hasn’t been the same since. I eventually started posting videos of my own and then a friend, Dustin Horan, suggested I look into getting certified and possibly start teaching classes at his Yoga Studio, Jai Yoga School. I immediately started to consider it and after talking with some friends and loved ones, I began looking into starting my journey to become a Steel Mace coach.


I flew out to California to attend the Onnit Academy Foundations certification at Nerdstrong Gym. One month later I flew out to Seattle, WA for the Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist certification. Then, two weeks after, I went to NYC for Leo’s  Steel Mace Flow workshop and quickly learned that there are levels to this shit and that it is also about more than just fitness. Not only did my personal practice blast off after this workshop, so did my relationship with Leo, Serena and the rest of the Steel Mace Flow community. I started working my way into the mix, finding inspiration from others on a similar path, encouraging each other as we grew as mace artists, as we discovered new movement and achieved goals inside and outside of the steel mace.


A month before starting my first gig as a Steel Mace Flow coach, I went through the month long SMF Online Coaching Mentorship, earning my Steel Mace Flow Level One Certification with Honors. This program gave me the base to walk into my first class and coach with confidence, setting me on course to attend a live SMF cert at Solace NYC and display my coaching ability to Leo, Serena and other fellow coaches and mace artists. Wielding a wooden mace, working through injury, I moved and coached like a Steel Mace Flow Coach, because that is what I am and that is why I am on this journey.


Most recently in Miami, FL, I had the pleasure of assisting Leo, Serena & Zack at a 2 Day Steel Mace Flow Level 1 certification. Coaching fitness professionals and aspiring mace artists through the foundations, structures and techniques of SMF. It was an amazing experience seeing the determination of each and every person, pushing to their full potential, all earning their certification with honors. This same weekend, I earned my roll as an Official Steel Mace Flow Coach. Something that means more to me than some people may ever be able to understand. 


 Steel Mace Flow has brought so much love and purpose into my life. I look forward to sharing the continuous growth the system offers to so many more people around the world.