Austin Level 2 “Mace Artist” Certification


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Welcome to the Level 2 “Mace Artist” Certification

The purpose of this certification is to add function to your Flow and unlock your full creative and expressive potential. Level 1 was about creating the lines, Level 2 is about bending them. You’ve put in the reps, you’ve built the strength and you’ve put in the work, now it’s time to “do something beautiful with your strength.” We have just one question, Are you DTF? (Down to Flow)



Who Is This Certification for?

Everyone! All are welcome into the Level 2 program, we strongly recommend you take the Level 1 certification beforehand as Level 2 is an Advanced system. In order to become a  certified SMF Level 2 Coach you will be required to be a Certified Level 1 Coach with Honors.


Tickets are available to all, If you haven’t taken a Level 1 education seminar or completed our online program you will be required to pay the full price ticket. Those who have completed the Level 1 Cert with or without Honors are eligible to receive a discount on this ticket.

*Please Email or DM the Steel Mace Flow Team to complete your application and receive your discount for the Level 2 Cert.*
  •   Regular Priced Ticket: $1200
  • Completed Level 1 Certification:$1100
  • Completed Level 1 Certification W/ Honors: 999.99


What to Bring

We highly recommend bringing snacks/drinks to keep yourself energized for the duration of the certification. There will be a 60-minute lunch break.


The primary intention of this certification is

to provide you with a thorough education on how to effectively perform the steps and movements of SMF™️ Level 2, successfully coach others through the program, and provide as well as receive healing through the ability to create flow state and beautiful movement with the mace

During the length of this certification, we will emphasize the use of structure specific to SMF™️, demonstrate and explain the benefits of total body engagement, with and without the mace in hands, as well as the application of hand transitions and mace sequencing to perform smooth, dynamic and effective transitions. By the end of this Level Two Certification, you will be able to perform and instruct others on the Level 2 Content in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of why SMF™️ is beneficiary to all skill levels of fitness and the results that can be anticipated depending on the degree of application towards the program.


The inspiration for the Level Two Certification comes from our love for the mace and recognizing the need to build a structural and sound platform to educate, strengthen and empower those who flow so that they receive the education and support they deserve on top of creating a powerful movement practice that allows creative expression, the ability to release physical and emotional trauma in a positive and constructive manner. We are healing the fitness industry one “mace in hands “at a time.

Coaches: Leo Savage, Serena Elizabeth

Date: June 6th-7th

Time: 9-6 (both days)

*check in starts at 8:30*

Location: Onnit Gym

4401 Freidrich Ln, Austin Texas, 78744

Contact Info:


*Tickets are non-refundable once purchased. You may transfer the ticket to another certification date, gift to another person or use the credits to buy the online course.*
The SMF™️ Level 2 material was designed and put together by Leo “Savage” Urquides and is not to be recreated or taught without proper consent from SMF and having gone through Level1 and 2 Certifications. Should monetary gain be attempted without consent, legal action will be taken.