Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Certification Live Miami


The Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Live Certification  is a course that will provide you with thorough education on how to effectively perform the steps and movements of SMF, successfully coach others through the program,  how to use the Flow Builder System and incorporate it into your fitness regimen. By the end of this program you will be armed with the knowledge to build a long lasting Steel Mace Flow Practice.

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The SMF team is excited to announce fall certification dates! Join Leo and Serena for two days of Steel Mace Flow in Miami at Lyon Strong.

During the length of this certification we will emphasize the use of structure specific to SMF™️, demonstrate and explain the benefits of total body engagement, with and without the mace in hands, as well as the application of hand transitions and mace sequencing to perform smooth, dynamic, and  effective transitions. By the end of this Level One Certification you will be able to perform and instruct others on the Level 1 Content in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of why SMF™️ is beneficiary to all skill levels of fitness and the results that can be anticipated depending on the degree of application towards the program.

Lyon Strong Level 1 Certification 

Coaches: Leo Urquides & Serena Elizabeth

  • Oct 30th-31st
  • 9am-5pm (both days)
  • 786.377.4088
  • 6895 sw 81st st. Miami. FL. 33143
  • Early Bird:$500
  • Week of: $599
Build your Foundation

Understand the impact of rotational forces enacted on the body and their effect on movement in flow. Pinpoint structural imbalances and seal in your strength for generating torque. Gain maximum structural integration  for powerful and meaningful flow

Structure your Strength

Modify the position and alignment of both body and Steel Mace to specifically induce highly influential offset leverage and rotational training outcomes.  Implement the various of hand positions, landmarks and structures of strength  for creating simple and effective SMF flows and movements.

Inspire to Create

Complete the course and start creating! This course was designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to create and crush endless workouts and flows. Those working towards certifying to teach will hone their 360, and Master Class Flow, in preparation for the Honors Test out. Upon passing the test out you will now be eligible to call yourself a Certified Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Coach.