Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Nevada


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During the length of this certification we will emphasize the use of structure specific to SMF™️, demonstrate and explain the benefits of total body engagement, with and without the mace in hands, as well as the application of hand transitions and mace sequencing to perform smooth, dynamic, and  effective transitions. By the end of this Level One Certification you will be able to perform and instruct others on the Level 1 Content in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of why SMF™️ is beneficiary to all skill levels of fitness and the results that can be anticipated depending on the degree of application towards the program.


Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Certification at White Lotus Yoga

Coaches: Leo Urquides, & Jamie Pinto

  • May 28th-29th
  • 9am-5pm (both days)
  • 10870 S Eastern Ave Suite #102 Henderson, Nevada
  • Early Bird:$500
  • Week of: $599