Steel Mace Flow Coaches “with Honors” Test.

Pass your test and get CERTIFIED in the art of Steel Mace Flow

Upon, completion of the online course, your next step will be to pass your certification test out. Join the ranks of the elite Flow Artists from all over the world by Certifying “With Honors.” The Honors test was designed to test your knowledge of the Level 1 material, your discipline in Flow and it is your opportunity to demonstrate your honor and integrity as a Steel Mace Flow Artist. 

Gain acknowledgment among the Mace community as a  certified  “With Honors” coach and become eligible to progress into the Level 2 Certification.

“With Honors Criteria”

500- 360’s NO SET DOWNS

No set downs simply means, don’t set your mace down. You may hold the mace in Warrior Stance, or you can lean the mace on your shoulder. So long as the mace does not touch the ground, you will not be disqualified. (This includes after completion of 500 360s) 

Master Class Flow

Upon completion of the 500 360s, you will complete the Master Class Flow in order according to the sequence described by Leo. The Master Class Flow is a sequence of over a 100+ movements designed off of the Level 1 Content.


  • 1 Minute self-expressive Flow using Flow Foundations.All Steps, pivots, tall/small stances must be incorporated.

  • Completion of Level 1 Program

  • Payment of $150 for Test out, (if test has not already been purchased with your program.)

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