Coach Zack has always had a passion for movement and athletics. After practicing martial arts for a handful of years he moved towards team based sports, specifically football and rugby. After playing in his first semi-pro rugby season a bad knee injury, and the accompanying heartbreak of missing an opportunity to tryout for Team Canada because of it, caused Coach Zack to go from a 215 pound playing weight up to 267 pounds. After a year off of rugby to let the knee heal he got back down to 235 before shattering his fibula into three pieces. Knowing that if he gained another 50+ pounds he wouldn’t be able to live the life he wanted Coach Zack reached out to his mother, a fitness professional and gym owner, for guidance.

This started him on his fitness path. After the leg healed Coach Zack started teaching classes for kids, eventually moving on to adults. In March of 2017 a mace was put into his hands for the first time and his life changed. Coach Zack has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in the pursuit of this passion, attending multiple certifications and workshops all around North America. Using the knowledge gained through this Coach Zack was able to start Canada’s first Steel Mace class and in June of 2019 open North America’s first Steel Mace Studio. He now teaches certifications and workshops as well as running 15 mace classes a week, with the help of his coaching team, as well as personal mace training and online instruction.


Coach Zack holds mace certifications from Steel Mace Flow, Agatsu, and Rik Brown as well as several in Indian Clubs, Persian Meel, and Kettlebell.