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Steel Mace Flow is first and foremost a flow based movement practice. The intention of this practice is to improve a practitioner’s mobility, shore up weakness, prevent injury and create full body strength that starts from the inside out. Beyond the movement, Steel Mace Flow is a practice of creation,expression, and freedom. Steel Mace Flow takes you from feeling stuck in a workout rut, to having endless ways to move and workout. Empower yourself through movement, boost your mood and awareness by putting play back into your life, by way of Steel Mace Flow

Level 1 Self Paced Online Certification

Level 1 Online Certification
Level 1 PDF Manual
Free Honors Test Out


Level 2 "Mace Artist" Certification

Level 2 Online Certification
Level 2 PDF Manual
Spot in L2 Online Mentorship


Level 1 & 2 Certification Bundle

Level 1 & 2 Online Certification
Honors Test Out
Spot in L2 Online Mentorship