Steel Mace Flow Education Overview

Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Program 

“Flow Foundations”

The Steel Mace Flow™️ is a course that will provide you with thorough education on how to effectively perform the steps and movements of SMF™️, successfully coach others through the program,  how to use the Flow Builder System and incorporate it into your fitness regimen. By the end of this program you will be armed with the knowledge to build a long lasting Steel Mace Flow Practice.

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Steel Mace Flow Level 2 Program

 “Mace Artist”

 The Mace Artist  Mentorship with Leo Urquides is open to all students who have purchased the Level 2 course and wish to advance their knowledge of SMF, and learning experience. Each Mentorship class brings a unique and evolved perspective to the practice of Steel Mace Flow, due to the individuality of each student’s expression and interpretation of this practice. All are welcome to take this Mentorship, however, if you’d like to call yourself a Certified Steel Mace Flow Level 2 Coach, you’ll need a couple of  prerequisites to become eligible

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