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    Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Certification

    Project Move Littleton, Colorado

    $699.00 $599.00
  • Sale!

    Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Certification

    Level 1 Certification

    $699.00 $599.00
  • SMF Germany lvl 1 Certification

    Location: Dusseldorfer StraBe 119

    51379 Leverkusen Germany

    Date: November 23rd and 24th

    Time: 9am-5pm


    Welcome to the Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Certification Savages,

    The primary intention of this certification is to provide you with a thorough education on how to effectively perform the steps and movements of SMF™️, successfully coach others through the program, and how to use the Flow Builder System and incorporate it into your fitness regimen.

    During the length of this certification, we will emphasize the use of structure-specific to SMF™️, demonstrate and explain the benefits of total body engagement, with and without the mace in hands, as well as the application of hand transitions and mace sequencing to perform smooth dynamic and effective transitions. By the end of this Level One Certification, you will be able to perform and instruct others on the Level 1 Content in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of why SMF™️ is beneficiary to all skill levels of fitness and the results that can be anticipated depending on the degree of application towards the program.

    The inspiration for the Level One Certification comes from our love for the mace and recognizing the need to build a structural and sound platform to educate, strengthen and empower those who flow so that they receive the education and support they deserve on top of instilling the basic movement patterns and conditioning it takes in order to advance to Level Two certification.

    The SMF™️ team does not take credit for inventing any of the structures, movements or the concept of Flow State in this Level 1 Certification. The use of these movements and the mace itself have been utilized in many different practices for many years. While there are visual similarities, the specific SMF™️ elements and the way we apply and teach are different. The creation of this certification comes from the combination of Leo’s background in martial arts and his education in the fitness industry.

    We encourage you to utilize the knowledge provided to the fullest extent and make it “your own.” We look forward to seeing your work and your application of structure, safety, and strength. You will always find a safe space for creativity and growth within “The Savage.”

    Inspire. Educate. Put Mace In Hands

  • Introduction to Level 2: Mace Artist Workshop

    Sneak Peek of what’s to come in the Level 2 Certification!