Mace Mobility

Warm your body up WITH your mace, on the ground and from standing. Add this  your regular warm up or use as a stand alone routine.  Increase your strength, dexterity and mobility with Mace in hands

Battle Steps, Swords & Shields

New certification, NEW footwork!  Learn how to step in creative ways, add to your Level 1 footwork; AND get an introduction to the ground work of SMF, Mace Animal. Safeties, Landmarks and Structure breakdown will be honed in Swords & Shields.

Move Arsenal & Flow Vault

Begin your practice of creating  by breaking down the Mace Movements of Level 2, and combine them with the footwork. Free Flows designed and taught by Leo and Serena provide an insight on what can be done with the material. 

Take your SMF Practice to the next level

Steel Mace Flow Level 2
Mace Artist

The Level 2 certification gives the Body and Mind a refreshing perspective of how to approach the advanced movement, skillset and mindset required to level up your mace practice. Amplify what it means to “Do something beautiful with your Strength

Student Program


  • Level 2 Program (88 videos)
  • PDF Manual
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Guided Certification


  • 4 week Mentorship w/ Leo Urquides (07/02/21)
  • 13 classes (3 weekly meetings)
  • Level 2  program (88 videos)
  • PDF Manual
  • Study Hall w/ Jamie Pinto
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Certification Information


  •  Foundations Footwork Flow
  • Completion of Level 1 Program
  • Honor Certification

Get Certified

  • Complete L2 online program
  • Complete 4 week Mentorship w/ Leo Urquides
  • Completion of all L2 Homework
  • L2 Master Class Flow Test out with Leo
  • Create your own Master Class Flow