The Pillars of Steel Mace Flow

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Preserve the Language and Tell the Stories

Language is the foundation of Steel Mace Flow. It is how we identify positional landmarks and teach complex movements for maximum safety, strength and beauty. The use of the Steel Mace Flow language system is integral to the spread of Steel Mace Flow. If language is the foundation, the stories of the creation of Steel Mace Flow and its movements, especially the Masterclass Flow are the DNA. Together they facilitate a consistency in the education that reduces confusion and creates a continuity of our art and community. As a coach you are a representative of Steel Mace Flow in all of its forms including the movement language and oral history.

Honor Your Education Lineage 

Honoring our lineage of coaching honors the creator of Steel Mace Flow, Leo Urquides as well as the coaches who have passed down this art to you. This also honors you and the students you pass this down to. We honor to empower ourselves and increase our own confidence as well as reinforcing our role in the continuity of Steel Mace Flow. The lineage traces your bloodline of education. 

As a coach you will have opportunities to present Steel Mace Flow in workshops or to new groups. You can honor your lineage by telling your stories and the stories of your coaches. 

Direct Communication 

Our practice is based on healing, love, respect and connection. In that spirit we believe that important conversations happen directly when necessary. SMF also agrees to reach out directly for conversation with any content or conduct related concerns. As coaches we all agree to receive and listen with love and to speak to each other with the utmost respect and honor for our connection. We agree to enter into difficult conversations with open hearts and minds. 

Empower your students & Coaches 

As a Steel Mace Flow coach you are both a Teacher and a Student. Your mission is to Empower. We empower our students by encouraging discipline and showing that freedom is a result of discipline and creativity. We empower our coaches by receiving their coaching while maintaining our own identity and passing along their lessons to our students along with our own. 

Stand With Your Peers Mace Unity. We grow together. We collaborate. We support and promote one another’s classes, events, workshops and certifications, Steel Mace Flow related or otherwise. We respect one another’s students and local programs. As our art grows our mission is to work together in all regions both geographical and digital. Furthermore, we conduct ourselves with the utmost respect to our peer Mace Coaches outside of Steel Mace Flow.