February 6th Iron & Steel Workshop

Taught By Coach James Newton

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Mace Dojo
Welcome to the Dojo

Mace Dojo is an online  subscription and donation based Steel Mace Education, Fitness and Flow Platform. It was created in an effort to bring the mace community together to learn, create, workout, flow and swing. All. Things. Steel. Mace.


Fitness &

Full Body Workout
Increase your endurance Strength
improve form and technique with the Mace

With special emphasis on form and technique, Fitness and Foundations is a great option for the Mace Practitioner looking to add more intensity to their practice and the Flow Artist looking to sharpen up their game!”


Learn Fundamental Techniques, Safeties and Structure
Build confidence by learning and drilling the Basics
Improve structural imbalances and increase strength for generating force.

This classes recommended to students looking to improve overall control with the Mace as well as increase Strength and Stamina.

Build a Flow

Learn a new Flow every week
Style of flow WILL vary per instructor.
Integrate new skills and techniques
Build confidence to create your own Flows

This class is recommended for students looking to expand their knowledge and skill set around Steel Mace and Flow State. Learn advanced movement patterns and challenge you skillset in Flow

Flow Reps

Learn how to combine fitness and flow! This class will guide you towards supreme ownership over your Steel Mace practice by teaching controlled, purposeful movement.

This class is recommended to those looking to for a quick efficient full body burn with the Steel Mace. Increase your endurance and improve your overall ability to stay cool during time under tension.

Level 2 Reps

This class is for those that are currently in the level 2 curriculum, have been through the mentorship and are in the process of working through it, or simply someone interested in taking the dive into level 2. I do suggest that you have a strong understanding of the level 1 material and have tested out for your black certificate.

The class will consist of repetitions of level 2 moves and flows, as well as journaling the moves and flows; Strengthening your body, mind, and creativity all at once and preparing you for your Level 2 test out.

Coaches Conclave

Motivation and fresh perspective for seasoned coaches and students
Eliminate mental challenges hindering your Steel Mace Practice
Practice teaching, brainstorm programming ideas, and get connected