Level 2-1 Online Certification “Mace Artist”


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Section 2-1 of the “Mace Artist” Program introduces you to the concepts of Level 2 and prepares you for what will come in  Section 2-2.
Like Level 1, structure breakdown, introduction to safeties and landmarks are taught throughout the program.  You will learn how to warm your body up WITH your mace!  Add this on to your regular warm up or use as stand alone routine. In addition to new Warm ups, we’ve added NEW footwork! You will learn how to step in creative ways, add on to the steps from the Level 1 Certification AND be introduced to the ground work of SMF, Mace Animal.
*This section alone does not certify you as a Level 2 Coach. Please refer to our Mentorship page for Certification requisites  *

What you Get

  • 2 Section Mace Mobility Instructional 
  • 15 Section Battle Step Instructional 
  • 12 Section Swords and Shields Instructional

What you Learn

  • Advanced Footwork
  • Ground Work
  • Hand Transitions
  • Mace Movements
  • Safeties & Modifications